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Spring always feels like a cookie time of year for me. Here is great cookie recipe from the “Big Sis, Little Dish” blog.

Started Running Again

One of the things that I love about living in New York City is that one the first warm Spring day, when it hits 70, everybody comes outside. There are people in the parks, walking the sidewalks, riding bikes, and the joggers. Lots of joggers, including me, but I like to think of myself as a runner. (sorry… I actually said that…) Today was one of those days in the city; 70 degrees, blue skies, people everywhere.

I started the annual tradition of my “Six Months of On Again and Off Again” running about four years ago. The kick off is in April, and will conclude in late September. At that point, I hibernate for the fall and winter in my apartment.

So… this morning I got up and headed out for my run at the park. Having done this kick off to running for several years now, I have become accustom to the promises that I make to myself as I begin exercising again. I tell myself that “this year will be different” and that I will “run at least four days a week if not more.” Five or ten minutes into the run, when I feel very cocky because I’m not winded yet and maybe I’m in better shape than I thought, I start having these crazy ideas that this will be the year that I will kick all of my bad habits, and start eating right, and start getting more sleep, and just be an all around better human being.

I love the first day of working out because it’s like the first day of the baseball season; Everybody has a chance. (“Optimism: It’s Contagious” I think I saw that on a poster in high school.) I keep thinking that one day that I am going to have amazing pecks, and manly guns, and just fill out into a well cut man that will make my wife squeal with joy. It’s a good thought to have on the first day, and it will motivate me for a while.

Running is another example in my life where I swing for the fences at the start. I’ve never been the type of person to learn to set reasonable goals. Getting in shape should be goal enough, but I keep thinking that I have to do something amazing and life changing. Incremental improvement has never set well with me. Slow and sure has never made me feel like I won the race.

Idealistic and radical change… That’s where I am at. 

Couple Friends

Over the past month, the wife and I have been spending a good deal of our social time with other couples. You know, double dating. It’s funny, but I do think that we, as a married couple, go looking for other couples to hang out with. Such as somebody will tell us that they have started dating someone, and our first, natural reaction will be that we should all go to dinner, as two couples. As if couples need to stick together for safety.

{The reverse of this, though, is if a friend breaks up, we take them to a bar. I think the math is, Couple = Food; Single = Booze.}

I was trying to think of where this inherent need to hang out with other couples, when I’m a couple, came from. I remembered it was high school, my first girlfriend, and she wanted us to hang out with another couple. My memory is that I felt that this is what you are supposed to do when you date someone. Now that I am married, I really feel like I have to hang out with other couples, but especially married people.

Sometimes I think that it is a reaction to prove to other couples that we are happy… as a couple. “See! We like each other! We’re splitting a desert!” Or maybe it’s to prove that as couples, we’re not missing out on anything that single people are doing. Right? That sounds good. I do think it is validation; checking in with other couples to make sure they are dealing with the same crap that we are.  

And if we have children, then it changes again. We’ll feel the need to only hang out with other families. I’ve already started noticing this with friends that have kids. We showed up to a friend’s kid’s birthday party, and we were the only married couple there that didn’t have kids. It was awkward because you could feel that everyone wanted to ask us if we were planning on having kids, but they hedged off because they didn’t want to be impolite. It was awkward, but it could have been worse. The lone single girl who came brought a date. That poor bastard had no idea what he had gotten himself into.




Another post from “Big Sis, Little Dish.” I love these guys because they continuously find the most original recipes.

The Wife is up to no good…

The Wife is up to no good…

Home Opener for the Cubs

I’m trying to like baseball again, and when I say that, I’m really trying to enjoy following the Cubs again. I was broken by the 2003 NLCS Game 6. (If you don’t know what that is, then, honestly, good for you. You are a better person for it.) That moment was the worst sporting experience I have ever had. Not because of the pop fly in the stands, though the way Cubs fans reacted to that situation was disgusting, but because of Gonzales muffing the ball at short, failing to turn a double play, thus setting up the collapse. After that, baseball wasn’t much fun anymore.

Sure, a lot of me not liking baseball has to do with the fact that the Cubs broke my heart, again. You know, twice bitten and fuck you. I know, as I write this, there are close to a million other members of Cubs Nation that feel the same way that I do; it’s not a very original thought.

But it has been 11 years and this is the 100th Anniversary of the opening of Wrigley Field. Part of me is nostalgic for that team, and the park, and the tradition, and the history. My grandfather was a diehard Cubs fan, and he followed them from the time when he was born. He saw them when they were at their best in the 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s , and stuck with them in the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s when they were awful. I learned to hate the Mets and the Yankees, and the Cardinals, and the Brewers. And I learned how to be an optimistic pessimist.

As I write this, the Cubs are losing their home opener…

I just checked in with ESPN to see what they think of the Cubs prospects for having a winning season. Not winning the World Series, just having a winning season. Their verdict: Maybe Next Year. Three games into this season, and the Cubs have been written off.

What am I getting myself into… again…

Here we are, still waiting

Here we are, still waiting

That’s three Macy’s employees in the women’s bag department ignoring me and the wife

That’s three Macy’s employees in the women’s bag department ignoring me and the wife